v7.5k Now available

(March 2013)
GINO v7.5k patch is now available to all existing 7.5 customers.

New reseller in ANZ

(November 2011)
Scientific graphics specialist, 4am Software signs up for reselling GINO in Australia and NZ.

New reseller in China

(January 2011)
Affinic Technology becomes first GINO reseller in China.

New reseller in S. Korea

(July 2010)
Bradly Associates are pleased to announce the appointment of Hyubwoo Info. Tech. as a reseller of GINO in South Korea.


(June 2010)
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GINO is a high-end feature-rich API for creating complex 2D and 3D graphics and GUI applications. The products are in use in industries such as aerospace, defence, oil&gas, ocean/marine, chemical, forestry, optics and other leading engineering organizations. The GINO products are available for Fortran and C/C++ under Windows and Linux.
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v7.5 Now Available

GINO v7.5 continues to build on the success of GINO's adaptability to new computer environments by supplying new features such as the new Flash driver allowing users to export their graphics in the most popular vector format for the web and a host of new icons allowing applications to adopt a look and feel compatible with Vista and Windows7. Read more about v7.5 here.




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