Water Mgmt Software

(December 2015)
HydroInform Ltd (Hungary) are please to announce the release of their latest GINO based Hydroinformatics Tools for Water Mgmt Software; DIWA-HFMS.

Win 10 compatibility

(October 2015)
Windows 10 testing has been carried out with various compiler configurations.

Alfasoft appointed

(September 2015)
We are pleased to appoint Alfasoft as resellers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

v8.0 Now available

(November 2014)
GINO v8.0 is now available for Windows.

VB.NET version released

(November 2014)
GINO is now available for VB.NET compatible with VS2008 onwards.

Absoft Pro 2015

(October 2014)
Absoft Corporation announces the release of Pro Fortran 2015 for Windows and Linux.


Intel XE 2013 SP1

(September 2014)
Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows 2013 SP1 now available.

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GINO is a high-end feature-rich API for creating complex 2D and 3D graphics and GUI applications. The products are in use in industries such as aerospace, defence, oil&gas, ocean/marine, chemical, forestry, optics and other leading engineering organizations. The GINO products are available for Fortran under Windows and Linux.
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v8.0 Now Available

GINO v8.0 keeps pace with the latest versions of Fortran compilers and Windows operating system.
Read more about v8.0 here.




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